Why going barefoot is a step towards wellness

by Ethical Emily

Do you like going barefoot? Ok I’m a shoe lover too but have you forgotten the pleasures of going barefoot? It’s odd how we need to be reminded. Our obsession for foot-ware means we are wearing shoes literally all the time. When was the last time you felt the earth below the soles of your feet.

It’s no surprise that sole and soul sound the same. I think this is significant when going barefoot. It’s the soul of the body connecting to earth through the sole of the foot. Walking barefoot is soulful in nature.

The earth, soil, rocks, sand, grass, plants puts us in contact with the cleansing properties from the Earths electromagnetic field. All the systems in the body goes to balance when we ground or earth ourselves with our bare feet. Clint Ober is the man that reminded us of how we have become unhealthily detached from Earth.

One day in 1998, Clint was sitting on a park bench in Sedona watching a passing parade of tourists go by. Clint looked at their shoes and he realized that people from all over the world were wearing running shoes with thick rubber or plastic soles. He mused that all these people were insulated from the ground (himself included) and the electrical surface charge beneath their feet. He started thinking about static electricity and wondered if being insulated like that could have some effect on health.

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A step in the right direction

There is a mass of knowledge about nature and how it is necessary for our survival. Yet we aren’t taught anything about it even though we are organisms that depend entirely on the Earth for our survival. We have purposefully disconnected ourselves from it so much so that it is seen as rebellious to go barefoot. To run through the fields wild and free is a long distant memory from childhood. Getting down in the earth or walking bare foot on the grass or on the beach is a step in the right direction if we want to maintain our health and sanity.

When we stand on the earth our bodies are conducted. Mother Earth is aloud with electrons and we absorb these electrons through our feet. We absorb electrons through the hands and the rest of the body too but significantly through the feet as it’s through the feet that all our internal organs are stimulated.

If we are not grounded we receive and absorb electro magnetic radiation that disturbs our electrical balance. We need contact with Earth just like we need the Sun. The Sun rays hitting the Earths surface is electrically conductive and we collect or absorb the electrons from the earth when bare foot.


Toma Tierra

The Cosmic body

Electromagnetism is what holds everything together. Everything is electricity, everything is energy. It’s not so much that we need to connect with earth to gain the benefits of the earths energy, we are part of that energy. We are electrical beings just like the plants, trees and all the other animals. Our muscles, brain, cells.. everything is electrical. We are cosmic organisms and because of this natural state we naturally recharge our bodies through contact with Earth.

We need to take off our shoes and let the ground heal us. Return us to natural rhythms, in sync with the Earth, the universe and the cosmos. This electro-magnetic energy or cosmic energy is what everything is made of, including us.

Daily Earthing

Recently I was able to invite some friends to experience the benefits of earthing by going for a bare foot silent beach walk. Followed by Yoga and a deep restful meditation. The experience of walking barefoot and laying in the sand gave us an overall feeling of well being and balancing of mind and soul. I sincerely felt so much happier through out the rest of the day. And, the following day there was an overall consensus that a better nights sleep was had by all.

Earthing can be life-changing. It is one of the most simple and important things you can do for your health, and probably the easiest lifestyle change you can make in your lifetime.

Clint Ober

Binigaus Beach, Menorca. A taste of Menorca Retreats

Connecting with nature should be part of our daily routine when possible. Remember the days when you were a kid running around in the sand. Why were you so happy? Be that kid again. Get that vegetable garden going, the one you’ve been wanting to start on. Walk barefoot through the park, in a stream, in your garden regardless of the weather. Get stuck into nature again and connect with life, feet first.

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