The Magical world of Animal Communication

by Ethical Emily
closeup of seahorse

Animal communication is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It seems so unreal and impossible but so real and so possible at the same time. Telepathy, apparently we can all do it. The fact that we can all communicate with the animals excited me so much that I began a course called Animal Communication with Pea Horsley. Now I know you might think me crazy saying I have conversations with animals but what I experienced made my heart sing. I can also say with clarity and truthfulness that I have been communicating with animals all the time, I just didn’t realise it, and you probably have too.

A part from meeting horses that always seem to make me laugh, swimming with seahorses and falling in love with a cat called Lupin, I had a conversation with a stork in Extremadura, Spain. They have all been unintentional conversations and sometimes the realisation that I had communicated with them came after the event, on reflection.

The heart space

The reason why communicating with animals makes my heart sing is because the connection between myself and the animals takes place in the heart space. I’ve been meditating for a couple of years now and in my own personal experience the heart space is the key. Breathing into our heart space and letting go can profoundly change anyones perspective on life. Not only does it lift your vibration making you feel safe and loved it emanates into the outer world influencing your environment and how you experience it.

In my article Living with love for animal liberation I talk about our separation from nature and animals and how our relationship with the animal kingdom needs to change with emphasis on the change being within ourselves. To truly liberate animals, and ourselves for that matter, we need to connect with Love. I mean that’s who we are, love. Our job is to remember this and work at getting back to the true nature of what it is to be human. So once we find our true identity we can begin to communicate within this high vibrational field.

The Source

Telepathic communication can’t be consciously controlled or it can be misguided. We have to learn to connect with our heart space and listen. Listen without judgement, without fear and from the source. The Source, God, Universal energy, life, whatever you want to call it. We connect with the inner dimensions of our being.

Pea Horsley, among many others, demonstrates that the animal kingdom wants to communicate with us. Although many indigenous communities communicate with animals, plants, and earth herself, western culture doesn’t so easily grant it plausible if it can’t be scientifically proven. But, what we experience from the source goes far beyond evaluation.

Tuning in

I’d say communicating with the natural world and the animal kingdom works much like an antenna or like switching on the love wifi connection. Tuning out from our ego and tuning into our heart space.

In Extremadura whilst visiting my daughter I was surprised to find great numbers of Storks nesting in the most extraordinary places, usually perched on high buildings and other tall structures. A sense of admiration for them grew within me over the days. When I sat on a bench in front of a church in the small town of Navalmoral de la Mata I looked up at the beautiful Storks perched on the spire, their feathers rustling in the wind. They were so peaceful among the hustle and bustle of the town square that when I looked up I also felt present, connected and tuned into their space. I felt it in my heart and in my soul. As I gazed up my attention was taken by one particular stork. I could see him so clearly, his feathers, his beak, I could feel and sense him.

My conversation with this particular stork went like this:

Me: You are amazing. I haven’t had much experience communicating with animals and you probably can’t see me or hear me but would you like to communicate with me?

Stork: Don’t worry, I see you. People are crazy.

I thanked him or her for their kind words. There may have been more said but like I say I’m a novice and may not have been tuned in enough to catch the rest. Although short and sweet, it was such a wow experience. I’ll always remember it.

Self doubt or spiritual growth

Although I’m explaining myself here with conviction there is without a doubt a struggle within me, with believing in myself. I question myself. Did I really hear the animal or was it just my imagination? I suppose it’s a question of trust. When we were children many of us were having telepathic conversations with animals, until we were told that it was all in our imagination. But maybe a little more imagination in life wouldn’t be such a bad thing. By letting go of the self doubt and paying more attention to what makes our heart sing we make more room for growth. Growth in love, in all aspects of our life, growth in compassion and understanding.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the animal and plant kingdom understand more about the world than we do. They know of its wonder and magic and we should too.

Animal intelligence

Why should we learn to communicate with the animal kingdom?

Animals aren’t only intelligent in that they can count or recognise a certain amount of people or even that they are sentient, empathic and feel rejection or physical pain, they have an intelligence beyond our imagination. They know what it is to be present and connected with the inner dimensions of their being. Instead of us teaching them, using and abusing them for our own self gain, we should listen and learn from them. Animals are unique, why let science tell us otherwise. I believe the animal kingdom has some very important messages for us. Our relationship with the animal kingdom could be the key to understanding life on earth.

Do you think this world is far more magical than we are lead to believe?

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Emily xxx

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