Interview with Energy Healer Tippy Clement de l’Epine

by Ethical Emily
Tippy is an energy healer and Reiki master since 2006, dedicated to inspiring others towards self love and acceptance. Tippy has only just recently come into my life, although we’ve never physically met, she has been an inspiration to me. She believes we are all here to enjoy this life, not just simply exist or survive but thrive. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her 20’s, Tippy tells us about her healing journey: How she claimed faith in her own self healing abilities and if we choose to, how we can all heal ourSelf of anything.
Tippy can you explain what happened to you that made you choose a path of self healing?

There was a cluster of life changing events in my early 20’s that pushed me beyond my limited beliefs and lead to ask big questions of myself and life.

I had watched my hard working parents struggling for years. Not only with their relationship but also their business, which eventually went bankrupt. The banks wanted our home back, to repay the debts, and it was pretty chaotic. My dynamic, resourceful, kick ass mother had a nervous breakdown, which was so shocking to see. This unbelievably strong woman, suddenly so vulnerable and fragile.

Then shortly after, my beloved, best friend ever, Father, started dying of cancer. He was the kindest most gentle, generous gentleman. He had a brilliant mind and was way ahead of his time. He could contemplate subjects with such depth, insight and lateral thinking that you always felt so inspired in his company. He made everyone he spoke to feel like they were extraordinary. I nursed him for 6 weeks and I was with him when he took his last breath. I could not believe that this extraordinary man ceased to exist, in some form, despite his body dying.

First big questions started to arise in the depth of my sadness and grief: Is death the end or do we somehow disembody and our essence continues? If there is such a thing as a spirit, how can I communicate with it? The answers came a few months later: Death is definitely not the end. There are ways to communicate with our loved ones either directly or via mediums.  This was a huuuge aaahhhaaaa moment and brought so much comfort and elation. I couldn’t wait to tell every grieving person I met, however not everyone was as excited about this as I was!  But for me a door had opened that could never be closed. I started seeing a tiny glimmering pattern, that on the other side of discomfort, suffering and pain, bliss patiently awaits.  

Fast forward a crazy 18 months of total instability, hard work, debts to pay, house moves and a roller coast ride of emotions and very cavalier behavioural choices- because who cares if you die, death isn’t real and I wish I was dead anyway so I could be with my Father! Yikes, be careful what you wish for!

Following a lot of mental stress and utter disregard of my body’s needs, I started limping and lost my peripheral vision. Then I could not speak properly, only slurred incoherent speech. I couldn’t think properly. I was lost in brain fog with the most crippling headache for about 6 weeks.

Then the diagnosis of MS and the prognosis and advice from the Dr. “This is progressive and incurable. Don’t ever have children as that would be very selfish. You will most likely end up in a wheel chair incapacitated. Don’t read up on the subject as you will probably feel very depressed and may contemplate suicide. Just go and try and make the most of life. Don’t tell anyone about your diagnosis as they will constantly remind you about it”  this literally cracks me up when writing it now but at the time it was obviously rather shocking. 

I took some of the Dr’s advice. I didn’t tell many people or my mother for about 20 years. But I did decide that given the hopelessness of the situation, I would take matters into my own hands and started researching and bought every book on the subject which led to step by step full healing.

In your testimony with Dr Joe Dispenza you said that you refused to believe the doctor’s diagnosis that your illness was incurable. Was it an intuitive decision? What influenced your decision making?

I have always been a tiny bit of an anarchistic at heart and always questioned authority!  if something just doesn’t make sense to me I try and look at it upside down instead.  I don’t take things at face value until I have researched it myself and come to my own conclusion.  Something deep inside me has always believed in miracles and magic and the unexpected. My mother had often said “You come into this world alone, You leave it alone, you make your own life”.  Finally, it was such a hopeless diagnosis I realized it was down to me to make the best of it. 

So it turns out MS is incurable – curable from within.  One of the best gifts ever. 

Go here for Tippy’s testimonial on You Tube

What does ‘healing’ mean for you?

The definition of healing has changed so much over the years. When I was terrified, sick and bankrupt, it was about being a sort of broken person and piecing myself back together again.  Now I don’t think anyone is broken or damaged, they are all perfect and just need to relinquish the clouds of fear to see the radiant being inside.


Some see things how they are and ask why?

I dream things that never were and ask why not?  

Robert Kennedy


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that You can heal yourSelf of anything. In truth yourSelf is already perfect and healed. This is finally becoming common knowledge for those who are ready to embark on this incredibly fulfilling journey of Self empowerment and discovery.  Let me just emphasize this by saying one more time.  YOU, can DEFINITELY reveal your already healed and perfect, shining, radiant Self.   

Your environment and outside influences may try to tell you differently  but deep down inside, you know you can do this, …..if you really want to……  You have all the resources necessary to do so. They may be a little buried at the moment but I assure you they are there, no doubts, just waiting to come to light.

I have total faith in your Self healing abilities, wherever you are on your healing journey. No matter whether you are quite far down the road with your illness/issue or just recently diagnosed.  If you are willing to make it a full time priority to find wellness solutions, I guarantee this commitment will pay off in one way or another.  This is not a half hearted, part time job, to be taken lightly, this is 24hr 7/7 for the time it takes.   

Healing is about finding your inner peace-making peace with all the pieces- ‘peacing’ your self back together.

In the end, the simple truth is, love heals. Unconditional Love is indeed the answer. Love of your beautiful Self. Love of everyone and everything in your Universe. Love of every precious moment in this life. And above all, love for all those triggers and challenges!

What’s your interpretation of disease or depression?

Dis-ease dis-harmony on one or all levels of mind, emotion, body, energetically spiritually so the healing involves bringing harmony and balance back into one or more or these areas.

Deep-rest – depressed. Similarly as above, a fatigue for life. Requiring deep rest and gentle step by gentle step of  bringing harmony and balance into the different levels of mind, emotion, body, spirit.

How has ACIM (A Course In Miracles) helped you with your healing process and how can it help others heal?

ACIM was a big aahaaaaa moment. Over the years some of the teachers and authors that have helped me most like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Pam Grout, Gary Zukav, Neal’s Donald Walsh etc it turns out that they are all students of ACIM. In 2012 following another cluster of life changing events I was so desperate for a miracle I thought I would try ACIM. That put my healing on another level that I did not even realise was possible. It took me from survival to thrival.

It’s hard to put into words as it is a subtle process with sudden earth shattering miraculous revelations.  The power of letting go of fear is unreal. Each time we relinquish another little layer of fear to allow love’s presence to become more evident there is a surge of energy that is mind blowing at times. 

I would say instead of running around frantically through life huffing and puffing through one drama after another, there is a deep smiling benevolent intelligent peace inside. But this peace is not boring. It is light and irresistibly fun and inspiring  and helps me see life and everyone and everything through shining sparkly eyes. So I do not try and hide any more or avoid Life, instead I fully face it, even when the challenges arrive. Something starts bubbling excitedly inside. I can feel a miracle coming on. I can be inside the eye of the storm centered and resourceful and the storms pass so much quicker and sometimes I even get a funny feeling that I am the storm!  Being in a state of “fearlessly in love” unconditionally-  70% of the time – eternal work in progress!  is the ultimate high.  For me the healing or enlightenment people talk about is here right now in all of us.  Anytime we lighten up our heavy minds or heavy hearts, even slightly, we become the most extraordinary alchemists for ourselves and each other, the World becomes a better place, one more smile, one more kindness at a time. 

ACIM doesn’t claim to be the only way, just one out of infinite paths to realising you are an eternal being of loving light embodied in a human experience and so is everyone else and that we really are all one.

For those that aren’t sure, can you explain what an energy healer is or does?

As a practitioner you ask the beautiful loving life force energy to use you as a channel for the healing of the client for their ‘highest good’. Imagining it going through top of head enhanced in the 💜 heart and out through the hands. Placing hands on or above the clients chakras or wherever the hands are drawn.

The recipient draws the energy through the practitioner so both receive the enhanced life force 💫 There can be multi sensory experiences but whatever happens the loving intelligent life force knows where to go to maximize harmonizing and balance, important note: ‘For the highest good’.

None of us know what that is… so non attachment to the outcome and a state of surrender is the perfect relaxed state for practitioner and recipient. Leaving space for the ‘unknown’ and magical miracles. Very relaxing for practitioner and client, like a deep meditation.

What do you say when people ask you what you do for a living?

I either say “I twinkle, that’s not to say I shine absolutely all the time but I do my best!” Or, “I love the hell out of people!”(and in so doing out of myself!)

Deep down I think we all know there is something bigger than us. What do you think life would look like if everyone accepted that a beautiful loving life force energy was within all of us, including the animals and nature herself? 

Life would look like a big smile and a deep satisfying blissed out sigh of wonder. Heaven on Earth.


In the end, the simple truth is, love heals. Unconditional Love is indeed the answer. Love of your beautiful Self. Love of everyone and everything in your Universe. Love of every precious moment in this life. And above all, love for all those triggers and challenges!


Apart from Reiki and ACIM what other methods do you use, or recommend, to teach love and self-healing?
Self hypnosis
Guided meditation
General mindfulness
Different styles of Breath work like Wim Hoff
Walking in nature
Regular cold exposure at least 5 times a week bathing in a cold river or sea
Fasting – weekly 36 hr – and intermittent fasting
Juicing and healthy eating
Self indulgent feasting too!

I would also like to share with you all My Bliss list in 10 things happy people do differently.


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