Ethical Eats

Who we are

Emily and her team are based in Menorca, Spain. It is the goal of Ethical Eats to provide its clients with the best quality product while supporting local people, businesses and farmers whenever possible. We are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices throughout the cause of everyday business. 

Due to the limited supply of vegan options in restaurants, cafes and shops in Menorca, Emily is determined to provide more vegan food choices to the locals and visitors on the island.  She believes that vegan food is for everyone, as anyone can eat and enjoy it. 


What we do

We prepare quality vegan food for special occasions, small events, and retreats. Ethical Eats provide food that is based on the Mediterranean style of cooking. Made with fresh locally produced seasonal ingredients. Menus are tailor-made according to your needs No preparing, no cooking, we’ll do it all for you.

We can also provide regular products to cafes, restaurants, and shops.


Food boards

You’ll love our visually exciting, beautifully arranged scrumptious vegan food boards.

The boards consist of a range of beautifully arranged and presented cheeses, pates, dips, bread and crackers, vegetables, pastries, dried fruit, nuts, and more..


Dips, spreads, pastries, savoury dishes and salads

One of our favourites is our delicious herby sun-dried tomato pate.
Made from sundried tomatoes, almonds, and roasted red peppers. Flavoured with Mediterranean herbs. This can be ordered in batches of 600g or 300g.



Raw cakes have never been sweeter or more chocolaty. We offer a three-layered chocolate and date cake, chocolate and hazelnut cake, baked vegan brownies, and much more..

chocolate fudge date cake with creamy cashew topping

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