Carob Cake with Coffee Buttercream Frosting

by Ethical Emily

A deliciously moist and fudgy cake combining carob and coffee. This easy to bake cake has the perfect sweetness from the carobs. Topped with a creamy coffee frosting it makes the perfect dessert that everyone can enjoy.

Carob isn’t used much in mediterranean cooking although it does grow here. Maybe it will gain popularity in time because it really is an amazing alternative to chocolate. It’s so much healthier and sweeter! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. If you have never tried carob this is the recipe to test it out on. You might be pleasantly surprised.

I collect the carob pods from the carob trees that grow here in Menorca on our neighbouring land. Luckily there are no crops growing nearby so I am 100% sure that the trees have not been sprayed with any pesticides or nasty chemicals, ever.
After picking I wash, roast and grind them into flour. You can find carob powder for sale online.

I made two cakes using 10 inch springform pans spreading the buttercream frosting on the base cake and on top. The specified ingredients for the frosting gives you enough to cover the base cake, the top and sides of the cake.  It’s surprising how naturally sweet carob is. You can easily enjoy this cake without any topping at all, but the coffee flavoured frosting tastes so good with carob. 

The smell of carob is a little odd and unfamiliar especially if you roast your own and you may notice a green tinge to the cake mixture too. This is all totally normal. The carob sponge is made with coconut oil so it tastes great when kept in the fridge.


Carob Cake with Coffee Buttercream Frosting

Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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Dry ingredients:

225g flour
1.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda
Pinch of salt
75g roasted carob powder

Wet ingredients:

250g brown sugar
75g coconut oil
1.5 tsp apple cider vinegar
375ml boiling water

Coffee buttercream frosting: (for a two layered cake)

2 tsp boiling water
1 tbsp espresso coffee granules
250g margarine
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 ¾ cups (280g) Icing sugar


1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C.
2. Weigh all your dry cake ingredients and add them to a large mixing bowl. Mix all the ingredients together and set aside.
3. Put the kettle on for the hot water.
4. Melt the coconut oil.
5. Place vegetable paper on the base of the springform cake tin and then fix together the base and cylinder, closing it tightly. Spread a small amount of margarine or oil around the edge of the cylinder and a little flour to avoid the cake sticking to the pan.
6. Place the sugar in another bowl and add the coconut oil, vinegar and hot water to the sugar. Stir until the sugar has more or less melted.
7. Gradually add the wet mixture to the dry whisking until you have a smooth and very wet consistency. This can also be mixed in a food processor
8. Pour the mixture into the cake tin.
9. Place the cake in the oven and cook until the top of the cake stops moving. 20/25 minutes baking time. Once cooked, leave to stand.
10. For the buttercream, combine the coffee and water in a small bowl, stir until the coffee dissolves. Set aside to cool completely.
11. Beat the butter until light and fluffy using an electric mixer or by hand with a fork.

12. Slowly add vanilla, icing sugar and coffee to the butter until pale, fluffy and well combined.

I use a 10 inch springform cake tin but you can use a smaller one. Check you close it tightly as it is a very runny mixture. It’s surprising how little time it needs cooking considering it’s so liquidity but be careful not to overcook it. 15/20 minutes is enough. After leaving it out to cool down the cake will be deliciously moist and fudgy.
Once the cake has cooled down undo the tin and spread the frosting on top. Nuts can be added to the topping and maybe a sprinkle of carob powder too. Then it’s ready to serve.


  • The ingredients for the cake are for just one layer so you will need to make it twice if you want to have a filling in-between as shown in the photographs.
  • The amount of ingredients for the coffee butter frosting is for two carob cakes! There's enough to cover two cakes and the filling that goes between the two cakes. If you are making just one cake halve the ingredients!
  • The Bicarbonate of soda acts as a raising agent in cake sponges when combined with an acid such as vinegar. The tangy tinge of the vinegar, while helping to activate the baking soda, adds flavour.
  • Although the cake mixture is very thin it will only need 20/25 minutes in the oven. Don't leave it any longer as it will burn easily and lose its fudge, moist texture. Leave to stand until cooled to eat.
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ashok June 28, 2021 - 7:01 am

Thanks For Sharing this amazing recipe. My family loved it. I will be sharing this recipe with my friends. Hope the will like it.

helan June 28, 2021 - 7:29 am

Thanks For Sharing this Amazing Recipe. My Family Loved It. I will be sharing this Recipe with my Friends. Hope They will like it.

Ethical Emily July 3, 2021 - 2:11 pm

I’m so glad you tried it and liked it! Thank you for sharing x


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