A Taste of Menorca Retreats

The Ultimate Island Retreat

by Ethical Emily

Retreat to Menorca

I’ve been living in Menorca for over 20 years now and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else..not just yet anyway. It’s a haven. Retreating from London to Menorca was the best thing I could have done. It has been a place of healing for me. It is here that I have had the fortune to not only enjoy nature in all its beauty but to deeply reconnect with nature on an energetic level.

Menorca kindly persuades us to slow down, to stop and think about what is really important. To withdraw is not a sign of defeat but a time of renewal and recharge.

When my dear friend Kelly, voice over artist and fellow Minorcan resident, asked me if I would like to participate in her new project A Taste of Menorca, I thought yes! this is something I’ve been wanting to do. Kelly, in her all inspiring way, explained how she and her UK based sister in-law Louise wanted to show people the Menorca that they knew and understood.


Created with nature in mind, our retreats are gentle and kind to allow you to restore equilibrium and regain your authentic self. Your four night stay will be organised for you from arrival until the moment you leave, you will only need to show up to enjoy the ultimate personal escape experience.


Kelly and Louise

Menorca isn’t just a holiday destination, it has something far more special to offer. It’s a special place with a special feel and a special energy. And, special people of course!

To learn more about Kelly, Louise and myself go to Meet The Team.

Hiking, yoga and eating

The 4 day retreat combines walks, outdoor yoga, meditation, star gazing and most importantly eating! The perfect combination I’d say. If you are someone that doesn’t particularly like laying on the beach for 10 hours a day but would rather explore and discover something about the place you are actually staying in, then this is the retreat for you.

There is so much to explore and discover. This could be the place where you also discover something about yourself. As you take the time to reconnect with nature, feel the joy and love that only being in nature can inspire.

Although there is yoga on the itinerary, and that’s where I come in, it’s not only for yoga fans. Yoga and meditation are beautiful practices, inspiring us to stay present, present with out bodies, our minds and our spirit, deepening our life experience and that includes everyone. Even if you have never done yoga before.


We have carefully planned the trips during the perfect seasons when the island is at its best, quieter and cooler, so you can truly appreciate the island and all the magic it has to offer. We want you to experience simplicity and restore a sense of calm so you return home empowered with a new found inner connection that makes life make sense.


Taking place during the beautiful months of April, May and June and then during the glorious months of September and October you can avoid not only the beach hustle and bustle but the heat.

You can find out more about retreat dates by visiting Kelly’s beautiful website A Taste of Menorca

Look forward to meeting you in Menorca one day!

As always,

From the heart

Emily xxxx



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